The Midwest Team

Zihao Zhou

Midwest Chapter Director

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Zihao is a senior at Rock Bridge High School. He spends his time researching Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, exploring math, and serving as the lead programmer on his robotics team. In his free time, Zihao enjoys biking, playing the violin, and reading a good book.

Yogev Angelovici

Midwest Chapter Director

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Yogev is a junior at Rock Bridge High School. He loves problem solving, whether it be in math, science, or CS. Some of his other interests outside of programming include Scholar Bowl, Debate, and learning new things.

Sophie Lietzan

Midwest Chapter Director

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Sophie is a junior at Columbia Independent School. She spends her time on game design, researching biology, and working on coding projects. She likes to spend her free time practicing martial arts, reading, and playing video games.

Laasya Aki

Midwest Logistics Director

Laasya is a sophmore at Math and Science Academy. She enjoys learning about math and computer science and how the fields relate. Outside of math, she likes reading and playing video games.

Pranavi Vedere

Midwest Social Media Director

Pranavi is a sophomore at Math and Science Academy. She enjoys editing photos and videos and has YouTube channel of her own. In her free time, she loves spending time with friends and playing video games.

Hannah Tsai

Midwest Graphic Design Lead

Hannah is a junior at David H. Hickman High School. She first started code without any special thought but grew to enjoy code and learn patience and perseverance through it. She likes to learn math and solve puzzles. Other activities she enjoy includes swimming, listening to music, and drawing!